DualVee® in Firefighting Applications

A pressure vessel manufacturer for Firefighting Applications had issues with their linear system during polishing due to harsh environments and heavy debris. Our DualVee® Guide Wheels provided the solution.

Optimize your Robotic Workflow with LoPro® RTU

Delve into the benefits and capabilities of LoPro® Robot Transfer Units. Each system is built on DualVee Motion Technology® guaranteeing unrivaled precision and flexibility, even in the harshest environments.

DualVee® Guide Wheels in Hygienic Environments

Discover the unique challenges faced by a manufacturer of blood-analyzing machines and how DualVee® Guide Wheels makes the perfect solution, standing out in applications requiring cleanliness, precision, and smooth, quiet motion.

Utilitrak® Linear Guides in Architecture

Discover two innovative applications of UtiliTrak® Linear Guides in the Architecture industry: a large format automatic sliding glass door and a multi-purpose home theater that quickly transforms into a golf simulator.

GFX Guidance System Capabilities & Applications

A comprehensive look at the HepcoMotion GFX Guidance System. This system is widely adopted in the packaging and manufacturing industries, addressing challenges like demanding motion profiles, high-duty cycles, and long-term durability.

Manufacturing Day: Empowering Future Innovators

Over 150 students participated in 2023 Manufacturing Day events, which included an insightful speech on Manufacturing by Pamela Kan (President and Owner of Bishop-Wisecarver®), plant tours, and hands-on experiences.

Discover the Power of Manufacturing Day

Pamela Kan (Bishop-Wisecarver’s President) shares the benefits of hosting Manufacturing Day events and highlights the positive impact on kids’ perception of Manufacturing jobs and careers.

LoPro® Linear Actuators: TCO and Performance

Steve Pilgram (Sales Engineer/Product Manager of Melton Machine and Control) talks about the LoPro® Linear Actuator’s low maintenance, longevity, and resistance to tough environments.

Featured Episode

Wise Up! – Episode 6

DualVee® Linear Guide Wheels and Tracks in the warehousing industry: discover a low-cost manual storage and retrieval system ideal for small-scale warehouse applications, and an automated storage and retrieval system in the aerospace industry.