Clean and Clear – Episode 1

Scott Havener discusses the unique challenges faced by a manufacturer of blood-analyzing machines and highlights the key features that make DualVee® Guide Wheels stand out in applications requiring cleanliness, precision, and smooth, quiet motion.

Wise Up! – Episode 2

Pamela Kan, President of Bishop-Wisecarver®, talks about the importance of Manufacturing Day and highlights the positive impact on kids’ perception of Manufacturing jobs and careers.

Wise Up! – Episode 1

Steve Pilgram, Sales Engineer/Product Manager (Melton Machine and Control) talks about total cost of ownership and performance of Bishop-Wisecarver’s LoPro® actuated linear motion systems.

Featured Episode

Wise Up! – Episode 3

On October 24th and 27th of 2023, we hosted two engaging Manufacturing Day events, featuring talks by Bishop-Wisecarver®’s President Pamela Kan, exclusive plant tours, and hands-on experiences for over 150 local students, sparking their interest in the exciting manufacturing world.